Storymate- Is It For You?

Who is Storymate for? It’s for anyone who is marketing online. This new rock star software uses the power of Instagram and Facebook Stories to get you the traffic you want and need.

Read the post below to get the details-

How often are you on social media?

Like…ALL the time, right?

And, whether they admit it or not, so is everyone else.

Nowadays, most people are spending their time on STORIES.

Stories are showing up at the TOP of FB and IG and growing 15x FASTER than posting on the actual news feed.

300 Million+ Users are interacting with FB and IG Stories!

So, now we know that Stories are where all the eyeballs are at…

But, creating effective Stories on FB and IG can be a time-comsuming pain-in-the-rear, right?

Well, not anymore…

There’s no need to spend hours figuring out how to film & edit videos on video editing suites that cost thousands, wasting time, money and energy…

Storymate is the NEW Solution.

What is Storymate?

It’s the Newest Way to generate & post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories in 5 Minutes without needing to know how to use ANY Video Animation Tools. Create Beautiful, High Converting Stories in Seconds with templates created for Stories with ‘swipe up’ call to actions, animated videos, editable text, you will instantly be ahead of the competition.