Marketing Challenge 2018


Today is all about being wise in what we do to build our online businesses. What do you need to do to be successful? What should you avoid doing?

Here are some ideas-

1. Know your market. Who is your target audience, and how will you reach them? You will have no face to face interaction with your target clients, so it’s vital to learn how to approach them in a way that they will make them feel valued.

2. Getting your branding decisions made and implemented. we talked before about the importance of branding and it’s still true. You know who you are going to market to and you have planned your brand, got your logo designed and ready. So far so good!

3. Now comes the building stage. You build your website, build and brand your social media accounts and start posting on your Website and in social media.
Your going after it big time now, Your getting your brand and name about there, Your attracting the right audience. Your well on your way!

4. From this point on, the sky is the limit and it is all up to you. Your building your list! Promoting offers and even creating your own product! The direction you take your business is all in your hands.

When you look at things that you should not do there are a lot of things that will come up. Here are a few of the big ones-

1. Not Marketing your website- Some people will build their site and think they are done. With so many websites online do you think that hordes of traffic will just come to yours? Not gonna happen. Marketing your website is vital to building a long lasting and sustainable business,

2. Have realistic expectations- There are no shortcuts or tricks to establishing yourself online so set smart and realistic goals for your business and you will be fine.

3. Marketing to everyone and anyone- This one is a business killer. Most online businesses make the mistake of focusing exclusively on the number of visitors when analyzing traffic to their website. If the traffic is growing, they are happy, and they will do anything to bring more visitors to the website, regardless of whether these people will become customers. In reality, your website needs the “right” traffic. You need visitors that can be converted into customers. When I refer to the “right” visitors, I am not referring to only demographic parameters. You should be marketing to a niche, not a demographic.

4. Making excuses- 
We can all be guilty of this. 
I was too busy!
Tech issues stopped me!
I didn’t hear back from my partner!
My favorite-
My dog ate my business plan!

Excuses are like rear ends- we all have one and they all stink!

If your are truly Wise today then you will have a plan for all this but especially have a plan to stop the excuses, take responsibility for your business and make it happen!

I expect that not everyone is going to like this post but we are building businesses- not hobbies. No more excuses, plan your work and work your plan.

I believe that everyone can build a successful online business if they just put in the work and make it happen.

I believe in you! Your awesome and the lifestyle your looking for is waiting for you, so go make it happen!

Let me know what you thought of this post!

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