So you are a business owner now and you are selling top of the line digital information products direct from your very own website. You invested hundreds of thousands in the right products, hundreds in a server with a lot of bandwidth, your customers are flowing but your bandwidth is too high for the amount of customers that you are getting! Suddenly your host stops all access to your site as you have reached your bandwidth limit and you must pay for more. Sound familiar? Ok so this is the story…..
Online businesses are sooo easy to set up, making money is the hard part. Online criminals and pirates don’t know that part yet or should I say they don’t even care but what they do know is how to get hold of your products that you spent months or even years creating for nothing! How? By stealing them from right under your nose direct from your server.
Online surveys conducted, show that around 40% of digital products are stolen or bootleg copies. Pirates and thieves know the detailed ways in which to get to that copy of your ebook and make it work for them, sometimes outselling you completely even if you are the sole owner or resale rights holder!
So how can you stop this from happening to you?
*Protect your products with digital security.
*Disguise your download links
*Set your links to expire or only activate with your customers details.
*Place them in a secure members area so even if they are found they cannot be accessed.

Now all of these have various pros and cons and some I just refuse to use as I feel that downgrade your site’s look and appeal.
Lets take disguising your download links – this is the single best way of stopping theft of your products direct from your website. There are tons of scripts around online that can handle this task, but what happens after the sale when the report is passed around or the customer asks for a refund?

Another option is to set your links to expire or to your customers email address, or placing them into a secure members area. These again do well at hiding the products but it does nothing about securing them after the sale has gone through.
So the only real option is to offer some sort of digital protection for the products. There are various systems and softwares around online that offer this service for a monthly subscription but are you sure that your products warrant it?
I have seen people paying $30 a month to protect a $4 ebook from being stolen or used elsewhere, that to me is not practical.
But if you hold an inventory of hundreds of good quality ebooks and software that you are not offering with resale rights then maybe digital protection is your best bet.
The digital locking platform that I have seen get you signed up as a paying member to use their software. Once signed up you can download the locking software and lock a file at a time. You place the details of the file into the site and then direct customers to the link that the site creates for you. Once your customer pays they see the link to the locking software site and click it.
This Software is a sales and delivery platform that makes it easier than ever for you to bring your product to market and securely deliver it to y customers.

The customer is taken to a page that requests their details in exchange for their personal unlocking code and then they are passed to the download or thankyou page on your server. Once downloaded the file is opened and immediately a request appears from the locked file for a password. If the password is correct the file talks to the locking site and verifies it and then unlocks the file. If the password is incorrect the user is refused access.

Now comes the sweet part to this platform, if you give a customer a refund then you can actually remotely lock their product again or delete their license altogether. The software platform even has drip-feed options to make selling and delivering memberships a snap. Plus, you can take advantage of the licensing option to protect your apps, plugins and software!
This is a very powerful platform and put the seller back in charge of their products instead of the thieves.
This Software Platform also makes it easy for you to securely sell and deliver your digital products using all your favorite payment processors and autoresponders.
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check it out – I think you’re really going to like what you see.