Targeted Traffic Techniques

Traffic generation has always been a thorn in the side of marketers. It didn’t matter if you did Mail Order Marketing, Online Marketing or if you had a Brick and Mortar local business.

If people didn’t know that you were there then you would never make any money because you didn’t have any customers so Traffic Generation was and IS Vital to your success in today’s marketplace.

We had to make some serious choices when it cam to getting customers to our store. Here is a list of what we had to do over the years to get the people/traffic to our stores wither it is a local business or an online store-

  1. Newspaper Ad’s- very old school
  2. Mail Drop Advertising- didn’t always work
  3. Telemarketing-(YUCK)- Nuff said
  4. Yellow Pages- Internet took over
  5. Websites- Complicated
  6. Facebook Ad’s- Nightmare
  7. Social Media agencies…. The list goes on and on

Here was the problem with all these techniques- Most were very expensive and some didn’t work at all.
It didn’t matter which one you tried or what your business model was- The end goal was the same- Get new customers or reaching out to your existing customers

What if there was a better way? What if other people were sharing your businesses offers? what If they were sharing the content from your website? What If they were sharing it all and It cost’s you nothing?

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