How to Write an awesome Blog Post

It takes quite a long time to write a blog post when you first start out.

Today, I’m going to give out simple tips on how to write amazing blog posts quickly.

I am sorry to tell you this but the first thing you HAVE to do is spend some time writing your first few blogs. While you do this you are going to find out what your thing is and make it work with your own style. You will learn what you like writing about, and you are going to figure out what readers want to read about, what they don’t like.

Once you’ve that, you are then on your way to things becoming easier and a lot quicker. One of the first thing’s you must do is figure out the structure of all the successful blog posts. You can make a basic template, introduction, body, summary. After you have a basic template set up, then you can kind of fill in the blanks with content that your readers will love and voila- You have a fresh Blog post.

One trick I use when writing a fresh blog post is that I will add dummy content, It doesn’t have to make any sense, In my mind If i see something written in the body of my post it triggers my creative mind to start writing- this is one way i get myself started but this is just one way and it happens to work for me, the key here is to find what works for you and use it to get yourself started.

TIP– Starting is the hardest part

Images are important. Without images, the blog post don’t do as well because a photo says 1000 words. Nobody simply would like to read text. Images can grab attention and this is what we want- something to make our reader stop and take notice!

The next matter you must do is create structure.
Below are a few things that I do for my very own posts, and you can duplicate any of them you want for your own posts.

I make use of the words “you and I” within my post. It makes our readers feel just like it is a discussion and not a lecture.

The next thing Is my use of paragraphs which I keep short. My paragraphs usually will never be more than six lines. I try to have them around 4 or 5 lines. Sometimes I even use just one line paragraphs. Breaking things up makes it easier for our readers to focus on our message.
Do you remember in school when you had a chapter to read for your homework? I use to look at it first and see how long it was and if It was too long I would kind of just skip it or just skim through it not really paying attention- We do NOT want our readers to do that so keep it short!

What can you do If your just stuck- Writers Block? Get outside, get away and do something else, then come back and write. We are all different and what works for me may not work for you so If my ideas are not helping you then discover your own ideas and just start writing.