How to get targeted traffic from Quora

Would you like to drive free traffic to your website using one of the Internet’s most under used websites?

Keep Keep reading and I will demonstrate just how It works.

Now everyone wants free traffic to go to their website but We want to pay as little as possible for our traffic using pay-per-click, Bing, Ad Words, Facebook and so on.

Here is how I am driving a lot of Free traffic to my web sites using Quora.

So what’s Quora? It is a site where people come and ask questions and then lots of other people reply and give answers to their questions.

Now, according to Quora, they get over 300 million unique visitors each month. Now this is huge because these are people looking for answers right now.

They are looking for answers from people who are qualified to answer their questions and the quality of visitors from this website is amazing because they will be very, very targeted and relevant, because if somebody has asks a question about your specific topic or subject when they come in to Quora and you respond straight back to them with a quality answer, then possibly you can drive a ton of traffic to your website just by replying to their questions right away.


So as you can see that the beauty of Quora is that people get the answers that they are looking for and you can get the traffic you need.

So let’s think about a niche lets say dog training. After your search you will see all a long list of questions which happen to be all about dog training.
You can ask or answer questions and there will be individuals who’ll reply straight back to your comment and that’s how you develop your reputation and then many individuals will see you as an expert within the niche you choose.
This is what you want to do, come in and keep replying with really good responses. So when you provide outstanding solution’s other people will up vote you and then your solution is going to keep on increasing on the page and more people will see your answers.

Quora is an outstanding resource and I recommend using it right away. However,Most people who are using Quora are using it the wrong way.

I will demonstrate the right way to use it so you can get the best out of the site.
Step 1- Log into Quora
Step 2- Set up your profile
Step 3- Search for your niche
Step 4- Find the most recent questions in your chosen niche, this is where most people fail, they just choose a question and answer but if it is an old question then your answer will be buried under hundreds of previous answers. Find the newest questions!
Step 5- SECRET SAUCE- So all you need to do is to go to your profile and there you have a filter for the newest questions, there are options in your profile so check it out.

There are many ways to use Quora and you can get boatloads of traffic using it but make sure you stay within their guidelines or you could lose your account, Just like in life- Follow the rules and you are fine!