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Are you getting the results you want in your online business? If you are that’s awesome but what about the rest of us? What can we do to start getting the results online that we are looking for?

Affiliate marketing has gotten more and more competitive over the years. Today’s digital product consumers have been trained to shop around for coupon codes and BONUSES. A new affiliate marketer might ask, “Should I offer a bonus?” And the answer to that is a resounding YES, in today’s marketplace, you should absolutely offer a bonus when recommending a product.

Odds are that the people on your email list are also on someone elses email list and to make matters worse, they are in the same niche as you are and when you thought it couldn’t get any worse- they are probably promoting the same offers you are.😱

How can you get bonuses to offer as an incentive for purchasing through your link?
you can buy Private Label Rights (PLR) products and just slap those on a quick bonus page. This is not a best practice, The best thing to do if you want to offer PLR as a bonus is to make your PLR original by making it original and putting your spin on the E book.

The good news is that you don’t have to turn to PLR for your bonuses- It is easier than ever to create your own bonuses that are original and valuable and by doing this you will win over new customers because your offering more than rehashed PLR-

You can also create your own products from scratch. Mind maps showing how an affiliate commission method works could easily be created You can download the PDF version and combined with an attractive box cover, you’ve got yourself a bonus product.

Here is a list of Bonuses you can make yourself_

1. eBooks
2. Mind maps
3. Quick Start Guides
4. Audio Courses
5. Video Courses
6. Ideas Lists (eg 100 Email Subject Headlines)
7. WordPress Plugins
8. Exclusive Interviews
9. Case Studies
10. Exclusive Webinars
11. One-on-One Consultations
12. Video Critiques of Website or Product
13. Templates (Web Design, video scripts, swipes, etc,.)
14. Graphics Packs and Audio Packs
15. Stock Footage
16. Done-For-You Services

Your bonus page needs to look good. Your bonus page prefaces the vendor’s sales page. It warms up the traffic so they’re at the highest likelihood of buying the product.

When designing the bonus page, many affiliates start with the colors of the target product sales page. You’ll can ask the seller for a bonus page template. This will make it a lot easier to match the specific colors of the sales page. The rest of the page will start with a layout similar to the sales page. The headline, sub headline, video and CTA button. As you scroll down the page, you get to the list of bonuses; each in its own row.

If there is enough interest I can do a case study of creating a high converting Bonus Page!

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