The Most INTENSE Video of 2017 – WARRIOR: A Powerful Motivational Speech Video

The Most INTENSE Video of 2017 – WARRIOR: A Powerful Motivational Speech Video

Perhaps you’re at the darkest place of your life and you’re ready to give up. You are at a degree in your life when you feel like it’s do or die. You’re going through so much agony you’re ready to give up, you’re ready to quit. I’ve got one word for you – warrior! It’s Fear. It’s not real. The only region that dread are in place is in our thoughts of the future.It is a product of our imagery causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever prevail. Fear is a alternative. Only those who risk going too far is to be able to find out how far one can go. I want your dream to be so clear that when you wake up in the morning all you got to do is step in your reverie and the first step for me was appreciating something I was not before I was. You can do it. Where “you think you’re” is temporary! You will not be there for the rest of your life. I don’t care what happens in their own lives, I don’t care what it consider this to be, I don’t care where you are, every single period you wake up if you’re going to have energy if you’re going to have ardour, if you’re going to have drive, every day you wake up you’ve got to start with that vision.

This is a mentality like, you got to live this, you got to eat this, you got – every single thing you do is not a electing it’s a way of life. It’s got to possess everything you do, it’s got to own. There’s no reason to have a plan B because it confuses from scheme A. I want to see how far I can go, I want to see what I can acomplish, I want to see what I can do, what I can be, what I can have, I want to see I don’t want to see what reckon I can do, I don’t want to see what think is possible, I want to see what “peoples lives” will appear life if I don’t count the cost and I was willing to go futher then anybody was eager to do. You can’t do anything without faith it’s impossible to accomplish anything without faith, so i need you to believe. There is still time, as long there is a breath in your nostrils, as long as you can wake up in the morning The first step before anyone else in the world believes it, you have to believe it So I need you to believe Cause if you’re willing to go through all the battling you got to go through to get where you want to get, who’s got the right to stop you? I entail maybe some of you guys got something “youve never” finished, something you really want to do, something “youve never” said to someone, something…

And you’re told no, even after you paid your dues? Who’s got the right to tell you that, who? Nobody! It’s your right to listen to your gut, it ain’t nobody’s right to say no after you payed the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do! you gotta do, what you was called to do you gotta do, what you was born to do you gotta do, what works for you, because if you do what works for you gonna blow a fuse. It’s in your DNA! It’s who you are! You are a warrior. It’s time for you not to back up. Not to give up. Not to give in. Either you get knocked down and you get back up you get back up, you get back up and you continue to throw shit against the wall. Listen to me very carefully you are a warrior. It is time for you to fight.

I know you have that warrior inside and now I simply need you to activate it. The devil whispered “You can not stand the storm” The warrior responded: “I AM THE STORM” You are a warrior. You will get through the storm. You will show the blizzard who’s boss. You will show everyone you are stronger than all things that have hurt you. You are stronger than your past! You are stronger than the challenges coming in future developments! You will tell yourself: I don’t invite life’s challenges, but i don’t back down from them either.

I know we all face tough times. I know i am not exempt from life’s strives. But i know i am STRONG I know this will pass I know there will be better days … BUT ONLY if “i m keeping” fighting Like a warrior! Opposing with all my nerve. The nerve of a lion. The strength i have is like no other I am not a survivor, I am a WARRIOR! I don’t survive, I Flourish! I can do this and I WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Warriors are constructed from the struggle, formed from agony , boosted by misery. Embrace your the difficulties and promoted through them like the warrior “you think youre”. You are stronger than your PAST and you are stronger than the challenges coming in your future! The strength i have is like no other! I am not a survivor! I am a Warrior! I don’t survive, I Prosper! I can do this and I WILL GET THROUGH THIS! I construct the best of bad situations.

I ensure the opportunity in the fight. I develop strength from my rigors. I am thankful for my hard times- they stir me stronger. I am thankful for the pain- it makes me heighten my play. I am grateful for the worst of hours, it ensures my narrative will be a great one.> From ZERO to HERO. From good-for-nothing to something. From the bottom to the TOP, HERE I COME! Keep proceeding, as dark as it gets keep going. As difficult as it gets, as much as it seems as if the world is crumbling down around you and there’s no way out, keep going. Determine most people stop, they don’t get it, they quit, they cease reaching for their reveries. I noticed that there are all those people who squashers of daydreams. Now, I don’t know why these people do this. I don’t know why the naysayers or squashers do this. Develop stronger and then invigorate others to become the most prominent version of themselves that’s how we evolve.

I go beyond the panics and limitations of other people. I control “peoples lives”. No matter what road you take in life there are always going to be things you were supposed to do that you merely don’t want to don’t do. Run and do the thing. Search, you merely get “peoples lives” once. Every suffer that we have would result in who we are and where we stand and that’s always the right place to be.

If you can’t, it was necessary to. If there’s something that you can’t do because there’s an obstacle in your course that entails it’s your responsibility to do that thing so that they are able to destroy the obstacle. Los is necessary. Failure is success and success is failure. They need each other. The more fails you have, the more success you have, the darker the night, the brighter the day. The harder the projectile makes the soil, the highest it goes up. Pain is a beautiful thing. Challenge is what life is about. A life without objection, their own lives without sorenes, is a life without growth.

So is not simply do I embrace current challenges, espouse the pain but I even look forward to it. Transmit me a challenge, please give me some challenges here because I need to be tested, I need to be stronger, I need to grow. You know they say there’s a Judgment day. I believe we face multiple judgment days while we’re walking on globe. The judgement today is today. Judgment day is now and the judgements is going to allow you to live a life of hell now or to pick your own Kingdom. Listen to me very carefully you are a warrior. Subtitles by the Amara.org community.

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What will you do to reach your dreams?

How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

How to use the internet to get more purchasers for your business What’s up everyone? This is Stefan from projectlifemastery.com and in this chapter of Ask Stefan, I’ve got a great question from Moss Bresnahan, and the wonder is; Hey Stefan, I’ve been trying to get patrons for my new auctions video business. Any shows? All right, so getting more purchasers, more our customers and implement the internet is actually fairly simple. First of all, you need an internet site and on that website there is a requirement have your produce, your service, whatever it is that you are offering, and a direction for the person that goes to the website to sign up for that. Some species of call to activity. Whether that’s a way for them to pay, or to sign up for a consultation, or whatever it is that’s going to work best for you.

Now that website, when people get to it, you have to make sure that website converts. Meaning that when parties call the website it should be in a position to convert a guest into a purchaser. There’s a whole lot of stuff involved in terms of optimizing your website, preparing sure that it has a good auctions imitation, has tributes, it has good information about the produce, it has all the benefits, the features. All those things are going to play a role in how well your present converts. Likewise preparing sure that you’ve got a good cost detail, you’ve got a good call to action. Something that incentives the person in some way to want to actually buy your commodities, work, or sign up for whatever it is that you are offering.

Making sure that your website converts is something that doesn’t have just like that. Commonly what happens is you send congestion to your website, which I’ll share some different methods for that in this video, but you send congestion to it. Formerly you send congestion to it, you’re going to see what your changeover pace is. So where individuals go to your website you’re going to see, out of one hundred people maybe one person signalings up for your product or service. Or maybe five people do or ten people do. In which suit it has a ten percent changeover pace or a five percent.

You actually need to make sure that you know the numbers. One of the most effective way to line that is by installing Google analytics onto your website and that will show you a lot of the data of your website and where people are coming from, and you are also able to track your changeover paces and all that sort of trash ok. So you’re ever going to improve your website. You’re always going to experiment different things and the littlest everything is construction the world of gap. Researching your cost, researching your present, researching graphics, colours, font lengths, headlines. All of these things are things that you are able to experiment. Simply by making these small-scale progress, you’ll be able to prove your changeover pace. The other bit that are necessary is congestion. Not merely any form of congestion, but targeted congestion because you can send a ton of parties to your website, but what good is it sending parties to your website if they’re not targeted, if they’re not somewhat interested or have an interest in whatever it is that you are selling.

You want to make sure that you are sending targeted visitors. There’s so many different ways on online market to be able to send congestion to your website. Everything from Facebook, whether that’s building a Facebook fan page and using some organic procedures. You’ll get more devotees and be able to promote your website, your produce, your service to your devotees and Or maybe using Facebook ads through newspaper clink advertising. With Facebook ads you are able to target parties based on the best interest, based on certain things about them, their demographic.

It could actually allow you to get actually laser targeted parties to your website that they are able actually convert best available for you. You could use Google, the search engine. You could have a blog and made content that are linked to your produce, your industry, or your service and then attract parties to you merely from parties that are scouring in the search engine. Formerly parties come to your website they’re already targeted because they came to your website by first expending some species of your material first. Search engine optimization is potent for that intellect. Instead you could use Google ads. Google has their advertising platforms called Google AdWords. You can compensate Google and optimize optimize your advertisements for certain key words and and then again send targeted congestion to your website that direction. There’s YouTube, which is what I experience exploiting and rendering material. When you provision content for the peoples of the territories in the way that I’m doing right now on YouTube, and you help people, and you put up videos that are related to your product or service, then when people find it they are already going a appreciation for you, for your produce, for your service, and what you’re about.

It’s going to help elevate the rely level. It’s going to obligate them want to do business for you because they are going to rely you more as opposed to someone that they don’t really know such person or persons, they can’t get a feel for them online. YouTube is a potent direction of captivating parties and then funneling them in to whatever your produce or service is and send them to your website. Exploiting Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Bing Ads, Yahoo, LinkedIn, there’s so many different platforms, Pinterest. There’s so many different ways of captivating parties and then sending them to your website.

Once you have your website put in, what I have to recommend for parties is to pick one or two methods first. End that you are going to commit to SEO and you’re going to build a blog and master that. In which suit, find different directions, sources, and invest a lot of meter actually understanding SEO and implement a strategy over the long expression that could help allure visitors and funnels them in to your website. If it’s YouTube, then invest some time work now. Perhaps you find a goof YouTube course. Invest in it. Get really good at it. You don’t want to try to do everything and merely dabble. You will do a good or median job at everything. You want to pick one or two things and become really good and skilled at it and drive consistent congestion to your website. Then over meter, once you’ve mastered that, you are able to start a different way of driving congestion to your website and merely gradually build that.

So we are going to send congestion to your website, either paying for it or going some fleet congestion through Google, YouTube, social media. Formerly you get congestion to your website you are going to see exactly how people alter. You are going to see whether or not they are interested in your produce. If your produce actually gratifies the demand of the market. Whether or not it’s altering in any way.


Social Media Marketing Fails

Social Media Marketing Fails

We talk a lot about content marketing and how important it is for your social media pages. It’s not enough to be present and active on social media paths because of the widespread utilisation of online scaffolds for market. If you’ve noticed that your content is not taking off like it should, start with the following objectives its consideration of what’s working and what’s not. Do you know what to look for? We’ve found the common channels that people flunk at content market. 1. Being a Know-It-All There is a difference in being an expert in your land and a insolent know it all. It actually comes down to tint and presentation. Seeing stages and an exchange of information is one happening, but don’t proclaim yourself as the terminate all final sovereignty. Be is accessible to other beliefs and intelligence, because social media is about dialogue, not dictation.

2. Seeing Allegations Without Proof Your readers crave proof to back up your allegations. Use real data to funding your opinion or your own personal experiences. Word of mouth expert beliefs, well known as social proof, are also welcome to provision good back up. Support what you say and it will be harder for people to theme you. 3. Rehashing Other Content There is a good chance that anything you are writing about, someone else has already covered it. But this is no reason not to address common themes. Instead, put your own invent and attitude on whatever subject your are covering. Consider taking a counter approaching. Make what you have to say original and it will stand out. Lack of Focus With any social media or blog posts, stir sure they are coherent with a focused time. No one wants to read ludicrous rambling or typo ridden babble without purpose.

You are always telling your story, so make sure the theme is clear. Consider how your readers seem and will react to the content you post. Restraint Yourself Having a focus is key, but don’t let it restraint “you’ve got to” a restricted range of subjects to cover. Stick to your theme but approaching it from all slants. Make videos as well as blog posts about what you do. Do how-to’s, Twitter grant= away’s, and Instagram scavenger hunts. Become your business the go-to sovereignty on your social media paths by making sure you give people a variety of useful content. Lacking Personality It’s important to have a distinctive voice, the companies and small businesses alike, when it comes to market. Many parts come along with branding, and one of those occasions should be how your crave your audience to comprehend you.

Boring brands are easily forgotten and rejected. Stand out by highlighting men in your company for being themselves. Connect with your audience by seeming like a person , not a faceless robot. Your business online existence can seem overwhelming to manage, but it doesn’t “ve got to be”. Knowing what not to do can be a better guide than knowing what to do, because actually , nobody knows exactly what to do when it comes to selling online. It’s easy to see what neglects but harder to “understand what you’re saying”. Being true-life to your purpose and the investment in customer commitment are really the only surefire ways to a successful social strategy. Don’t over complicate occasions and you are able to be able to steer the liquids of social media.

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How To Make a List Building System

How To Make a List Building System

This is Annelies for Media Brighton TV and in this video I’m going to tell you How To Make A list building system, Stay Tuned Ok so coming up is an effective way to make a list building system. There’s a surprise at the end of this video so make sure to watch it to the end so you don’t miss out. And remember to subscribe for more useful videos. So you’re gonna need a few things for this… 1. Choose a niche 2. Offer a free gift – This is something that your target market will find enticing. If you don’t know anything about your niche, you can buy Private Label Rights (PLR ) eBooks or documents which you can even re-brand as your own work. 3. An opt in page. This should be a landing page with one purpose to capture the visitors email address (and name) in return for the free gift. Avoid any other navigation as this will distract your potential subscriber.

4. Email Marketing Software. This is the part that offers the functionality of the email capture form on the opt in page. It also allows to you collect the emails into a database 5. The software should offer you to set up an Autoresponder email sequence. This is a pre-determined email sequence designed to turn your new subscriber into a customer. 6. Traffic. This can be either free traffic or paid traffic.

Free traffic can be generated from blog posts, YouTube videos, facebook posts and articles but require having knowledge of search engine optimisation to be successful. Paid traffic can be easier and less time consuming to implement. This could be Facebook, Google or YouTube Ads amongst other sources. So there’s an overview of How To Make A list building system To find out more, I have 2 free eBooks called “The Money Is In The list” & “Top 10 List Building Tools”. Just click the link below this video, enter your details and I’ll send you that. Be sure to like, share, comment and subscribe. This is Annelies Simon with How To Make A list building system for Media Brighton TV Thanks for watching.

What small change in your life can make a big difference?

What small change in your life can make a big difference?

Every period, in some way or other, I fail to keep one of my aim. It could be something simple-minded like not get my sleep in check or failing to keep to my youtube schedule. Or it could be that I didn’t tackle this person about an important matter. That’s okay. We shouldn’t expect a 100% success rates at everything. But, we should were planning to was better at it. So, what small change can make a big difference in achieving your goal? Well, in psychology there’s one gratuity that stands out to its implementation of uniqueness and the quantity of scientific endorse. It’s called implementation intentions aka the “if-then” propose. Here’s how it goes. Normally, when we have a goal, we tend to should be considered it like this.” I want to achieve X “. So I want to be healthier or I want to have more fund The implementation intention is only a small tweak to this.

It moves,” If situation Y happens, then I will do X “. So” if it’s 7am on Monday, then I will jog outside for 30 mins” or” when I get my fee check, then I will firstly put 10% into saving” Notice how the goals abruptly got a lot more practical. The key is to hinge your desired action on a situational cue such as a certain time, a point or an occurrence. Now, this only takes a few minutes to write up. Yet, the research behind it is quite convincing. A meta-analysis of 94 different studies (8 3 experimental, 11 correlational) found that having an if-then propose significantly improved participant’s success rates across a variety of goals.

Just to identify a few, it’s facilitated people exert more, be more environmentally friendly and better be dealt with fear. I’ve relation these studies in the description. Surprisingly, it even helps drug addicts with evacuation to focus on everyday undertakings. But why does it operate? Well, for one, the if-then propose means that you’re now appearing out for situational cues. As a ensue, you become more aware of opportunities in your surroundings.

But most importantly, this plan templates you at your critical moments. These are the times when you need to exactly do it. Like when you wake up and are choosing between going back to sleep or going to gym. Here, the implementation intention contributes a clearly articulated, very straight-forward guidance. It’s 7am so you were supposed to practice. This type of certainty about what to do obliges it easier for us to carry through with our schemes. Now there are 3 ways of moving the if-then propose more effective. Firstly, be specific and realistic about the cues and practices in your if-then propose. This just ties onto the last degree about having a clear course to follow. Secondly, yes, the if-then propose has been shown to be useful on average. However, it’s effectiveness will obviously still vary depending on your goal. For sample, there’s lots of proof that it helps with practice aims. However, it’s not so helpful at transgressing bad habits.

So google” implementation intention+ your goal” to find what the evidence presented looks like. But, the best happening you can do is to pair them with coping schemes. Coping schemes are the specific happenings “youre planning to” to do when you encounter an obstacle. In point, they follow the exact format as the if-then propose.” If difficulty Y arises, then I will do X to overcome it .” So let’s say your goal was to practice more. One of your coping schemes might be” if I’m sense tired, then I simply have to force-out myself to step outside my house in fitness gear .” The degree is, it’s fun to talk about our aims. What’s not as fun is being realistic and figuring out what hazards we’ll have transaction with. This is where coping schemes come in. As proof, researchers employed these plans to get cardiac patients exerting. Here’s the results. This is how much exercise the restraint subjects did. Here’s what you get with implementation intents. And here’s what you get with the added coping schemes. That’s pretty much a doubling of exerting compared to the restraint. The best part is, when you assess how serious they were about practise, each group had the same level of intention.

These players all had heart problems and just came out of rehab as well. They all desperately intended to be healthier people. Yet, it was the if-then and coping schemes that eventually transform these goals into action. Action projects and coping plans for physical practice: A longitudinal intervention investigate in cardiac rehabilitation Now, this material won’t propel you to a 100% success rates. But it will give you a lift when you’re lacking willpower. So if “youve been” need a kick start, write down an if-then propose ..

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