Psychological Triggers to increase success

Psychological Triggers to increase success

The longer I spend online the more I see the use of Psychological triggers in marketing, these triggers have always been there but things have advanced as technology advances.  Years ago there were only words that sell but now with the advances in social media, websites and messaging apps and this can be overwhelming to anyone who wants to build an online business and develop their brand.

The good news for all of us is that there is a new product being released today that solves all these problems for us.

It’s called Sqzin-

Sqzin is a cloud based software that turns ANY link into an opt-in grabbing, call to action squeeze page.

It’s super advanced Algorithm will track down viral content within 10 minutes.

It then turns this content into a squeeze page adding optin’s, with call to actions, overlays…banners…and so much more 

This product is a game changer, I was given review access and was blown away by what It does.  Everything from finding trending content to building amazing call’s to action which will drive traffic to where ever you want it to go! When I used the software I was able to do everything from start to finish in just a few minutes.  What I really liked was the ability to place my Calls To Action on any page I want.

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This goes live at 11 AM EST today, November 8th, 2017

There is an early bird Discount with Lifetime access available for a very short time so get it at the lowest possible price you won’t be disappointed!

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Science Behind Going Viral

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Viral Master List Builder Software

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Product: Viral Social Marketing Plugin

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Product: Viral Click WP Plugin

Description: Built to help you automatically generate contents for your site from an external web page. You can also customize the page by adding custom elements like modals, info bars and slide ins to promote user engagement to your offers.

Product: WP Viral Quiz

Description: Create awesome and Instasuite quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features ! It’s the best and the simplest wordpress quiz plugin ever.

Product: WP Social Traffic Plugin

Description: This WP Plugin is a popup that combines 4 of the most powerful social media tools into one of the best social media marketing tools ever.

Product: WP Author Compete

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Product: Branding Secrets Report

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Product: Social Suite Pro

Description: Software to create and design profitable Social landing pages inside of Facebook or self host with over 25 professional ready-to-go templates for any niche to reduce ad costs & increase conversions.




The Most INTENSE Video of 2017 – WARRIOR: A Powerful Motivational Speech Video

The Most INTENSE Video of 2017 – WARRIOR: A Powerful Motivational Speech Video

Perhaps you’re at the darkest place of your life and you’re ready to give up. You are at a degree in your life when you feel like it’s do or die. You’re going through so much agony you’re ready to give up, you’re ready to quit. I’ve got one word for you – warrior! It’s Fear. It’s not real. The only region that dread are in place is in our thoughts of the future.It is a product of our imagery causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever prevail. Fear is a alternative. Only those who risk going too far is to be able to find out how far one can go. I want your dream to be so clear that when you wake up in the morning all you got to do is step in your reverie and the first step for me was appreciating something I was not before I was. You can do it. Where “you think you’re” is temporary! You will not be there for the rest of your life. I don’t care what happens in their own lives, I don’t care what it consider this to be, I don’t care where you are, every single period you wake up if you’re going to have energy if you’re going to have ardour, if you’re going to have drive, every day you wake up you’ve got to start with that vision.

This is a mentality like, you got to live this, you got to eat this, you got – every single thing you do is not a electing it’s a way of life. It’s got to possess everything you do, it’s got to own. There’s no reason to have a plan B because it confuses from scheme A. I want to see how far I can go, I want to see what I can acomplish, I want to see what I can do, what I can be, what I can have, I want to see I don’t want to see what reckon I can do, I don’t want to see what think is possible, I want to see what “peoples lives” will appear life if I don’t count the cost and I was willing to go futher then anybody was eager to do. You can’t do anything without faith it’s impossible to accomplish anything without faith, so i need you to believe. There is still time, as long there is a breath in your nostrils, as long as you can wake up in the morning The first step before anyone else in the world believes it, you have to believe it So I need you to believe Cause if you’re willing to go through all the battling you got to go through to get where you want to get, who’s got the right to stop you? I entail maybe some of you guys got something “youve never” finished, something you really want to do, something “youve never” said to someone, something…

And you’re told no, even after you paid your dues? Who’s got the right to tell you that, who? Nobody! It’s your right to listen to your gut, it ain’t nobody’s right to say no after you payed the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do! you gotta do, what you was called to do you gotta do, what you was born to do you gotta do, what works for you, because if you do what works for you gonna blow a fuse. It’s in your DNA! It’s who you are! You are a warrior. It’s time for you not to back up. Not to give up. Not to give in. Either you get knocked down and you get back up you get back up, you get back up and you continue to throw shit against the wall. Listen to me very carefully you are a warrior. It is time for you to fight.

I know you have that warrior inside and now I simply need you to activate it. The devil whispered “You can not stand the storm” The warrior responded: “I AM THE STORM” You are a warrior. You will get through the storm. You will show the blizzard who’s boss. You will show everyone you are stronger than all things that have hurt you. You are stronger than your past! You are stronger than the challenges coming in future developments! You will tell yourself: I don’t invite life’s challenges, but i don’t back down from them either.

I know we all face tough times. I know i am not exempt from life’s strives. But i know i am STRONG I know this will pass I know there will be better days … BUT ONLY if “i m keeping” fighting Like a warrior! Opposing with all my nerve. The nerve of a lion. The strength i have is like no other I am not a survivor, I am a WARRIOR! I don’t survive, I Flourish! I can do this and I WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Warriors are constructed from the struggle, formed from agony , boosted by misery. Embrace your the difficulties and promoted through them like the warrior “you think youre”. You are stronger than your PAST and you are stronger than the challenges coming in your future! The strength i have is like no other! I am not a survivor! I am a Warrior! I don’t survive, I Prosper! I can do this and I WILL GET THROUGH THIS! I construct the best of bad situations.

I ensure the opportunity in the fight. I develop strength from my rigors. I am thankful for my hard times- they stir me stronger. I am thankful for the pain- it makes me heighten my play. I am grateful for the worst of hours, it ensures my narrative will be a great one.> From ZERO to HERO. From good-for-nothing to something. From the bottom to the TOP, HERE I COME! Keep proceeding, as dark as it gets keep going. As difficult as it gets, as much as it seems as if the world is crumbling down around you and there’s no way out, keep going. Determine most people stop, they don’t get it, they quit, they cease reaching for their reveries. I noticed that there are all those people who squashers of daydreams. Now, I don’t know why these people do this. I don’t know why the naysayers or squashers do this. Develop stronger and then invigorate others to become the most prominent version of themselves that’s how we evolve.

I go beyond the panics and limitations of other people. I control “peoples lives”. No matter what road you take in life there are always going to be things you were supposed to do that you merely don’t want to don’t do. Run and do the thing. Search, you merely get “peoples lives” once. Every suffer that we have would result in who we are and where we stand and that’s always the right place to be.

If you can’t, it was necessary to. If there’s something that you can’t do because there’s an obstacle in your course that entails it’s your responsibility to do that thing so that they are able to destroy the obstacle. Los is necessary. Failure is success and success is failure. They need each other. The more fails you have, the more success you have, the darker the night, the brighter the day. The harder the projectile makes the soil, the highest it goes up. Pain is a beautiful thing. Challenge is what life is about. A life without objection, their own lives without sorenes, is a life without growth.

So is not simply do I embrace current challenges, espouse the pain but I even look forward to it. Transmit me a challenge, please give me some challenges here because I need to be tested, I need to be stronger, I need to grow. You know they say there’s a Judgment day. I believe we face multiple judgment days while we’re walking on globe. The judgement today is today. Judgment day is now and the judgements is going to allow you to live a life of hell now or to pick your own Kingdom. Listen to me very carefully you are a warrior. Subtitles by the Amara.org community.

As found on Youtube

What will you do to reach your dreams?

Blogging. Ready To Start Doing It Right?

Blogging the right way

Blogging can be fun but are you ready to start blogging the right way? After we decide to build a website and begin posting content to share with the world, whats our next step?

Although blogs have long been regarded as merely a place to share personal ideas
and feelings (a journal, if you will), they’ve recently jumped solidly into the
marketing arena.

But like any other method of generating income, you’ll only get out of blogging what
you put into it hence If you take the time to conduct proper research and choose areas of interest that not
only appeal to you but have a substantial money-making potential, you can easily
develop a concrete and lasting business venue.

And who knows? Thanks to blogging and the amount of income that can be
generated, you might actually begin to enjoy “going to work” from now on!

Whatever you have decided to blog about, the most important thing is to just start. Hence, Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be out there.

Be yourself!

Post Interesting topic’s!

Share your Blog!

It’s as simple as that to get started!!!

List Building The Right Way!

List Building The Right Way!


Super List Building- List Building Strategies That Last
Legal Notice and Earnings Disclaimer
“Super List Building” comes with no private label, giveaway, or resell rights UNLESS
given permission from the author. Anyone found to be in violation of these terms may be
This means that you do not have any authority or permission to give this product away,
copy it in any way, sell it, record it in any way, or use it in any way other than for
personal use.
I cannot guarantee that you will obtain results by doing as I advise throughout this
eBook. I have provided you with the information needed, but cannot guarantee results.
You are following this book’s guidelines are your own risk. I assume no liability for any
money or time you may lose when buying tools, traffic, training, or anything else
recommended in this guide. I try my best to give the best tools that are the most cost
Thank you for your cooperation.
Table of Contents
Introduction Page 4
Understanding List Building Page 5
The Process of Email Marketing Page 6
Building Your Foundation Page 7
10 Steps to List Building Success Page 8
Step 1: Your Giveaway Product Page 8
Step 2: Setup Your Auto Responder Page 10
Step 3: Setting Up Your Squeeze Page Page 15
Step 4: Setting Up Your Thank You Page Page 18
Step 5: Receiving The Product Page 18
Step 6: Being Selling Your Products Page 19
Step 7: Turning Subscribers Into Buyers Page 19
Step 8: Manual Broadcasts Page 20
Step 9: Drive In Traffic Page 20
Step 10: Repeat! Page 22
Frequently Asked Questions Page 23
Closing Words Page 28
Resources Page 29

Thank you so much for accessing this eBook. This eBook is something powerful in
and of itself. I have invested a lot of time and effort into it, knowing well that if you
choose to do as I have done, you have a much higher success rate of list building than
if you were to not take my information into consideration.
It is easily possible with this knowledge, to build a list of tens of thousands, perhaps
hundreds of thousands, of subscribers. This will allow you to take your life to a whole
new step, a whole new level.
Access to knowledge that will allow for thousands of subscribers will help you make
anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month! Imagine life a year from now with 100,000
subscribers, making $50k to $125k PER MONTH! Imagine what you could do with your
life. Quit your job. Have no worries about money. And overall, live life the way it should
be, the way you want it to be.
That is what Super List Building will teach you to do. I am giving you the general
structure of list building, the basics (and some neat secrets as well), and helping you get
under your feet. I am practically giving you the tools and knowledge needed to achieve
this success. You can do this, it just takes a little bit of effort (as with anything else in
life), and then you’re virtually on autopilot.
Not the typical wanna-be millionaire? That’s all fine and dandy as well. Maybe you need
help paying the bills or getting a new car. This will help you reach that goal as well. No
matter the amount you’re seeking, you make what you want of this with your own effort.
As the famous quote goes, you only get out of it what you put into it.
I’ve dedicated much of my time to learning this process from the pros. I knew that if they
were once an Internet Marketing (IM) newbie, as I once was, then I could do the same
as they did. Much of my credit must go to them and the others that have helped and
invested with me along the way.
Just believe you can do it. This isn’t another dumb SEO strategy, because I hate those
as much as you might.
Go out there and put this knowledge to use! Thank you for your investment once again,
and good luck!

Understanding List Building
When writing this eBook, I decided that a background knowledge of Internet marketing
and email marketing would be necessary, especially for those newbies. If you are
advanced on this subject, you can move to the next section and not miss out of
anything. However, if you are a newbie or need a refresher, I advise you read this
section so you can get the most out of this eBook.
I will try my best to keep this brief, for the sake of time.
Email Marketing?
Email marketing is something different. It’s not spending days or weeks or years to
develop a certain system, such as building websites in an attempt to boost SEO. Email
marketing is entirely different in the sense that it allows you to make a very large profit
within days and weeks.
Don’t be surprised if you start to make over $500 or even $1000 a week within the next
3-5 weeks. This strategy is efficient and it works well. This stuff DOES happen. The
Internet marketing “gurus” use this strategy to make thousands, WHENEVER THEY
Once you have your list set up and running, you can make money whenever you want
to. It’s all a matter of sustaining a relationship with your subscribers, but that will come
later in this guide.
What you are essentially doing in email marketing is helping, or rather coaching, your
subscribers’ decision on whatever your niche may be. In other words, you are selling
your advice and products to your subscribers. The great thing about this is that once
you have your set list, you can do this over and OVER again.
Never again will you have to build another website and boost its SEO. Never again will
you need to make sure you receive a certain amount of traffic. With email marketing, it’s
extremely easy to build your list and get yourself off of the ground.
The IM gurus are making more than $100,000 PER MONTH by doing EXACTLY what I
am revealing to you in this eBook. It all starts here with email marketing. It’s time for you
to become an IM legend. You’ll no longer be a newbie!
The Process of Email Marketing
I am going to unravel this to you in a step-by-step process. This is something of a
masterpiece because of its simplicity. Sure, it takes a little work to get it going, but once
it’s complete, it’s on near autopilot.
Note: All of these steps will be explained later on in this guide.
1. Find or create your giveaway product in exchange for an email address. (This should
be THE ONLY product your ever give away)
2. Sign up for an auto responder account (I use AWeber), create your list, and set up
your follow up emails.
3. Set up a squeeze page in which the freebie product is obtained.
4. User is automatically subscribed to your list through the obtaining of their free product
and then directed to a “thank you” page, which contains your One Time Offer (OTO).
5. User receives an email with their download link for the giveaway product, which
contains an affiliate offer.
6. Begin selling your own products, or PLR/MRR products, to your subscribers.
7. If a subscriber buys a product, they are automatically moved to your buyers list from
your subscribers list.
8. Manual broadcast emails are sent out through your AWeber account, (or whichever
auto responder you use) in which you advertise other products you are selling.
9. Use my strategies to get traffic to your squeeze page.
10. You are finished! You continue to repeat step #8 and #9.
Remember, all of these steps will be touched on in a more in-depth way later on in the

Building Your Foundation
So this is the part where I show you twenty different tools to use, how to optimize your
websites, get traffic, and overall, spend a lot of money.
Except this isn’t SEO, so we don’t need to do that!
With email marketing, the tools you use are very limited and are very cost efficient. You
won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to start up, as you might with website
creation and SEO.
I’ve built a basic list of tools you’ll need for this, including an example or two for each
that I recommend.
– Web hosting (I recommend HostGator or HawkHost)
– A domain (Namecheap is recommended, or you can host it with your web host)
– An auto responder (Aweber is highly recommended, 30 days free!)
– An FTP client (Filezilla is generally the most used and recommended)
– Microsoft Word (Any other program that allow you to create PDFs is fine as well;
It’s finally time… for the big stuff. Let’s begin the list building!
– this is only if you plan on creating your own products)
Essentially this is it. I don’t want to spend any more time with this than is needed. If you
are in need of assistance on setting this any of this stuff up, I plan on coming out with
video tutorials in the future and will let everyone know via email.
The Steps To List Building Success
In this section of the eBook, we will be taking the first steps to creating your list. This is
doable by anyone, assuming they are willing to take the risk of putting in their own effort
and time in to doing so.
If you remember the list of steps I mentioned earlier in this eBook, you will notice that I
will refer back to them throughout the entire process.
Let’s start creating your income!

Step 1: Your Giveaway Product
There are two ways to acquire your giveaway product, both of which will be explained in
detail in this part.
However, first you must pick the niche you wish to pursue. Right now, Internet
marketing is a very popular niche that is something I highly recommend. You are bound
to find more interested people in the IM niche than you are with other niches. Internet
marketing itself shouldn’t be your niche, but something like a sub-category, such as list
building, affiliate marketing, or product creation.
Option #1: Finding a Product
There are two ways to find a product: Private Label Rights (PLR) or Master Resale
Rights (MRR). Both of these have their different own specific rights that MUST be
PLR products allow you to do anything you wish with the product. Change the title.
Claim ownership. Change the sentences to your liking. Entirely change the cover. Do
anything you so desire.
If you want to spend a bit of time to claim ownership, alter it to perfection, and do
whatever is deemed necessary, PLR products is your best route to go.
MRR products have more restrictions to them. Typically they are included with a
squeeze page, eBook cover, and everything else that is needed. This is so you don’t
have to spend any time at all on your product. It is all set up for you; however, you
cannot alter the product in any way.
If you are looking to get this done with fast and efficiently, MRR products are the way
to go. These are all set up for you so you don’t need to mess around with them.
Any time you buy a PLR or MRR product, you must check your permissions. Generally
your permissions are included on a separate file in your download, or shown on the
website from which you bought it.
If you happen to buy a PLR product, please note that if it doesn’t come with an eBook
cover or a squeeze page that is perfectly fine. I will be supplying you with the tools and
knowledge needed to do this yourself.
When finding a PLR or MRR product, take the following tips into consideration.
Tips for a Successful PLR or MRR Product
1. Express your niche. As instructed before to pick a niche that is very specific, this
should have everything to do with it. If you are focusing on affiliate marketing, don’t find
a product that deals with list building.
2. Find quality. If you plan to make money with your list, the giveaway product is your
first challenge. Making sure it is of utmost quality is essential to your success as an
email marketer. If your product isn’t very good, why would your subscribers buy any
products from you?
3. It must be in good order. If this product is from a decade ago, how can you be sure it
provides accurate information? It needs to be up-to-date so it can be used.
4. It must provide a path to success. Your product must have the qualities to lead an
individual to success. There must be a path involved that will pave the way to what you
guaranteed them. The product must be able to be used, not just read and forgotten. If
you provide your subscribers with a product that cannot be put into action, you won’t be
receiving any paychecks.
Option #2: Create a Product
The second way to get a product is to create it yourself. This is where Microsoft Word
becomes essential to convert it to a PDF. What you are reading right now, is a selfmade

What Is To Be Achieved In This Step
1. Create a list of possible niches you wish to pursue, and select the one you believe
you will be the most successful with.
2. Either find a PLR or MRR product, or create your own for your giveaway product.

Step 2: Set Up Your Auto Responder
This tutorial sequence will guide you through AWeber, but you can choose to use any
other auto responder you like such as GetReponse. They all generally work the same
way, but setting things up may be just a little bit different.
Okay, so after you have completed the previous step, sign up for an account with
AWeber. For the first month it costs nothing, and from there on out it costs $19 month.
Once you start making sales, this cost won’t hurt you one bit.
First, you will begin by creating your list. At the top, click “Create and Manage Lists”.

Next, you will click “Create a New List”.

At the next page, you will fill in the basic list information.

“Notifications”, which is the next box on the page, is a waste of your time. You will be
able to check who subscribes to your list at any time with AWeber. I advise you to just
skip this step.
Be sure to save your settings before continuing to this next step, otherwise you
will have to repeat what you just did.
After you save your settings, you will be directed to “Personalize Your List”.
Fill in the next box accordingly with your information. You can change this later if you
are yet to set up your domain and web host.

Social media is an optional setting, and if you wish to use it, by all means do so.
Once again, save your settings to advance to the next step.
For this last step, filling in the information is optional.
Once you save your settings, you have finished creating your list!

Setting up Your Follow up Emails
Once you have completed the list creation, you will need to create your follow up
emails. Many other marketers advise having anywhere from ten to thirty. However, I feel
that is a bit too much.
Having at least five to eight follow up emails is perfectly fine. You will be emailing your
subscribers nearly every day anyhow.
Begin by going to your “Messages”.

Click on “New HTML Message”.
I trust you are able to figure out how to work this screen yourself. This is what it should
look like. I advise you to create your own specific email as well, rather than taking mine
word-for-word. This first follow up email should include a download link as well as a
general welcome. More information on this will come later, so you can edit it then.

Be sure to select “Save”, and then continue on to the next step.
In the next step, select “Track Clicks on Website links in this message”, if it isn’t already
done for you.

You will do this step several more times until you have at least four more follow up
A key change when you create new follow up messages is to have your daily interval
set to “1”, as shown below.
What your follow up emails should look like.
Immediate Follow Up Email – The first follow-up email is immediate. This should
include the download link for your giveaway product.
Second Follow Up Email – Establish a relationship with your subscribers. Resend
them the download link, ask them how the giveaway product is, and keep it brief.
Remember, your emails are not the only ones they receive and you don’t want to scare
them off.
Third Follow Up Email – Again, build on the idea that you need to establish a
relationship. It is the most important thing at this stage, not money. That will come in the
future. In this email, feel free to send another free report, tips, or guide. It doesn’t need
to be nearly as large as your giveaway product, but keep them interested in what you
have to offer.
Fourth Follow Up Email – Skip a day. Keep this email from going out until two days
after your previous one. This is to avoid any annoyance you may have caused from the
previous three emails being closely related. If you included another free product in your
previous email, feel free to resend the download link, ask them how it was, or even
include another free report. CONTINUE TO BUILD THAT RELATIONSHIP!
Fifth Follow Up Email – This is where it begins. It is completely optional to send this
two days after your previous email, but it may be helpful. In this email you will need to
continue to build the relationship, but finally offer your first paid product!
Make sure this product you are offering is something you would buy yourself. There’s
nothing worse than selling a piece of crap to your subscribers, because you won’t have
them after this product.
Nothing is guaranteed in this stage, especially sales. Don’t get discouraged if you sell a
few copies or even no copies at all. It’s all to do with the relationship you’ve built with
your subscribers. If they need more time to get used to you and your products, then so
be it.
If you feel it is too early to start selling, then by all means, don’t! It is imperative that your
relationship with your subscribers is relatively decent by this point.
Adding more follow up emails after this is entirely optional. If you want to go ahead and
send another asking subscribers about your newly launched product, you may get some
people who didn’t buy intrigued by it.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Squeeze Page
Creating the perfect squeeze page is an easy task and doable for all, however, making
sure you nail it is essential to your success.
Your goal should be to have as many people as possible subscribe to your list. In doing
this, having a squeeze page that works is a huge plus.
For those that don’t know what a squeeze page is, it is commonly referred to as a
“landing page” or “lead page”. It is where your future subscribers will read minimal
information about your product, and “sign up” for it with their email.

This is exactly what you may see (or something very similar to) when you download a
free ebook …
A squeeze page.
Often people think a squeeze page needs to include everything about the eBook and
include as much information as possible.
That is absolutely wrong.
A squeeze page should include as little as possible.
Things NOT to include on a squeeze page:
– Bullet points
– Lists of information pertaining to your eBook
– Asking for more than an email address (explained below)
– Privacy disclaimer
– Off-page links
– Unnecessary information
If you look at the squeeze page shot above, you see how simple it is.
Why should I only ask for an email?
You may be questioning as to why I only ask for an email. Truth is, the more information
that is asked when signing up for something, the less likely they are to follow through
with the action. Trust me on this: email only.
Something else that is very notable is to do this as a separate page. Do NOT, and I
repeat, do NOT put this as a separate page on your Wordpress blog. Do NOT have offpage

Anything other than the original task at hand may, and most likely will, give your
potential subscriber “thoughts” to visit those other pages and links. This is a big no-no.
100% of your focus with this page is to get users to put their email into that box and
No privacy disclaimer?
You will not be doing anything other than sending emails to your subscribers. The
purpose for not having a privacy label will make your potential subscribers think, “Oh. I
forgot that they are able to do whatever they want with my email. I don’t think I’ll do this
This is exactly what you DO NOT want people to think. You are making them second
guess themselves, just like they would be doing if you were to continue to use the
double opt-in feature with AWeber.

How do I obtain a squeeze page?
The squeezepage may have came with this ebook download. You may also obtain a
squeeze page from SqueezePageCity.com, or by simply using a search engine to find
one for you. I’ve also included some more squeezepage sites in the resource section
If you have a squeezepage that came with MRR or PLR rights, by all means, use it.

Why is it important to keep the squeeze page short and sweet?
You want users to know what they are receiving, but make sure you are continuing to
keep them guessing.
Keep them thinking, “Oh wow… this really sounds like something good!”
Make sure they are intrigued! You want them to receive their free gift!

Step 4: Setting Up Your Thank You Page
I’ll keep this short and sweet.
When you get a user to subscribe through your squeeze page, it will automatically direct
them to a thank you page.
On this page, you will include a short message explaining that their download will come
via email.
On the ‘thank you’ page, you will include your “One Time Offer”, or OTO. This will be
your first paid offer that you give to your subscribers (obtained through MRR/PRR or
your own product creation).
All you will need to do is supply some basic information on the product which will send
them to your OTO’s sales page, which will include all information on the OTO and how
to buy it.
This is an easy step that can be done using the same squeeze page you used with your
freebie offer. Change some wording around and remove the opt-in button.
Confusing? I know. Continue to do the steps as you understand, it will come!

Step 5: Receiving the Product
As instructed earlier, with your AWeber follow up messages, your first email will be your
download link.
I actually attached the exact image of one of mine. I suggest you write something
yourself to make it more personalized.
This must contain the link to your product; otherwise your subscriber will never receive
The second part to this step is creating a download page. This can be just like your
squeeze page as well, except just include a short message and download for your
On this page, you should also include an affiliate offer. This could be as simple as a text
message with your affiliate link, or an affiliate image with your link. This affiliate offer
SHOULD relate entirely to your niche.

Step 6: Begin Selling Your Products
This may as well be pushed to step 9. Earlier in this guide I gave you examples of follow
up messages. Within these should be a couple of your PLR, MRR, or own products
you are selling. This is how you make money, as well as including products in
broadcast emails.
These and broadcast emails are how you will be selling your products.

We’re already past step 6! How quick are these steps? Pretty quick!
I know I am breezing through these, but that is how easy these are. A lot of it is self-
explanatory; however, if you do need help, like mentioned before, please do contact me
via email.

Step 7: Turning Subscribers into Buyers
This step is crucial to selling more products. Treating buyers and subscribers differently
is essential to your success.
However, AWeber makes this nice and simple for you.
Step One: Log in to AWeber, and under “My Lists”, select “Automation”.
Step Two: In the “Action” box, have the following settings as shown below.

Make sure your BUYERS (this means you need to build another list) list is selected, and
then click “Save Automation Rule”.
Now once users subscribers to your buyers list, they automatically are unsubscribed
from your subscribers list.
Note: Your buyers list doesn’t need any follow up messages besides a “Welcome”.

Step 8: Manual Broadcasts
This may as well be left out, but for those of you that don’t know what to do next, this is
for you.
After you finish everything, you will continue to send out manual broadcast emails to
your list(s). These will include regular check-ups on your subscribers, offers, and
whatever else you feel necessary.
The time between emails is entirely up to you, however, my recommendation is every 13
Step 9: Drive In Traffic!
This may as well be an entirely separate eBook considering the depth I could go into
with this. In the future I plan on creating a guide for doing this in more ways, however, in
this guide I will be giving out a few of the best ways to promote your giveaway product.
The reason for promoting your giveaway product and not your paid products is to let
people know that you’re for real. If you have a free eBook that is exceptional, you’re
better off selling your other products through that than if you were to sell products raw.
What I mean by “raw” is that people do not know how you write and how good your
products really are, so it is beneficial that they see what you can do first, for free.
Let’s get started, shall we?
Oh and on a side note, you should know this is quite easy. No link building. No profile
backlinking. No SEO crap. Nothing like anything you’ve done with websites before
(assuming…that you have). This is all simple as can be. Am I confusing you? If so, I’ll
stop. LET’S START!
First method of advertising your giveaway: Use Forums.
Forums have some of the most loyal members you’ll ever find. And we certainly want
loyal people on our email list. So to find your niche forums, you’ll simply be searching at
google for example: fishing forums, or car forums, or beauty forums, etc.
Then simply contact the forum owner to buy an advertisement thread of some sort
giving away your free guide. The owner should be okay with you promoting a free
giveaway that can benefit the members. Also, I don’t recommend paying more than $25
for a thread promoting your giveaway.
Other forum advertisement options include ad banners and sticky threads too.
Lastly, even just by posting to the forums regularly; and including your signature link to
your free giveaway guide, this should bring you plenty of new subscribers.

Second method of advertising your giveaway: Buy Solo Ads
Solo ads are almost essential to your success as a list builder. Almost, because there
are alternatives, however, solo ads are the most cost effective way to drive traffic to
your squeeze page.
What is a solo ad? It’s an email that you write and send to the subscribers on another
person’s list. This is essentially borrowing another person’s list so that you may have
some of their subscribers for yourself.
There are many, many people out there (especially on the WarriorForum.com) that will
send out an email to their tens of thousands of subscribers about your giveaway
product. The glorious part of this is that you don’t need to worry about paying a certain
amount of money per click. With solo ads you are buying guaranteed clicks, for
example, 100 clicks for say $50.
Most of the time you buy solo ads, the provider over-delivers and you get several more
clicks than expected.
The golden portion of a solo ad is the credibility. When they send your email to their
lists, they are practically transferring their credibility into your ad. In simple terms – his
subscribers already trust him, so they can trust that what you’re offering should be good
too. Incredible, right?
Like previously mentioned, http://warriorforum.com is a great place to find solo ads. If
you are newer to this, feel free to check out http://soloaddirectory.com, as they provide
a lot of great swaps as well.
Third method of advertising your giveaway: Buy Ad Space
Buying ad space can be one of the simplest ways to attract subscribers. Finding
credible and popular websites to advertise on is fairly simple and usually cheap. The
best places to do this are on blogs/forums within your niche. Keeping track of your own
stats from these ad spots is imperative as well; this will let you know if you’ve made a
good purchase and wish to continue to use the ad space.

Fourth method of advertising your giveaway: Joint Ventures
Joint ventures are an excellent source of traffic that I highly recommend. Using websites
such as http://warriorforum.com and http://newjvgiveaways.com will only benefit you
Unfamiliar with joint ventures? Essentially you will be in a group with several people that
will all drive traffic to your giveaways. When people see these giveaways, they will
subscribe to your list.

Step 10: Repeat!
Rinse and repeat.
Well, you basically are finished. It’s been such a short journey!
The final step of repeating is important. Repeat steps 8 and 9. Make sure you continue
to send out broadcasts to your list nearly daily. Keep the connection between you and
your subscribers going. Make sure you keep talking to them by asking them about your
products, introducing new products, and building a relationship with them.
I cannot stress the importance of the relationship enough. It is the foundation of your
list. Just think, if you have a good friend or a nice looking stranger, who would you buy
from? Your friend; because you have a relationship with them and you can trust them. It
is imperative that your relationship with your subscribers is solid before you try to sell
products to them continuously, or at all, for that matter.
Also, making sure that you keep the advertising of your giveaway product is crucial.
Keep the subscribers flowing in, as you can never have enough of them. With the
money you will be earning, it should be out of the question as to whether or not you can
afford an advertising campaign.
I do thank you for your investment into this eBook. Be sure to check out the FAQs and
the closing statement before you go!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I set up my pages online?
I know for a fact that there are numerous HTML and page set-up guides on the Internet.
If you find a squeeze page, all you need to do is upload the files via FTP client (all FTP
clients have guides).
If you are in need of assistance, you can contact me about this via email or check out a
forum, as there are sections for newbies.
How do I accept payments?
Payments can be accepted through buttons or links through Paypal. I will briefly run you
through the step on accepting payments via Paypal.
Step One: It is highly recommended that you sign up for a business or premier account
through Paypal. In doing so, a bank account must be verified through it.
Step Two: Go to the “Merchant Services” tab when you log into Paypal.
Step Three: Select the option labeled “Create payment buttons for your website”, within
the gray box area.

Step Four: In this next step you will be doing several things, so pay close attention.
First off, makes sure “Buy Now” is selected as the button type. After that, enter the
name of your OTO in the Item name field. Next, set your price for your OTO. This
should be anywhere from $15-$30, depending upon its worth (that’s for you to decide).
Lastly, you will want to make sure that “Use My Secure Merchant ID” is selected at the
Here is an example of what your options should look like.

Step Five: In this step, you will continue from the page we just left off at. Under the
options above is a blue slide labeled “Step 3…” Select that and make sure your settings
look similar to mine below.
Note: If you want your buyers to be able to download their product immediately after
purchase, you MUST put your download URL in the box shown here.

Step Six: After you have completed step five, create your button. You will be brought to
a page with a box of coding. Select the option “Email”, located just above the coding.
Copy the link and hyperlink your payment buttons. This link will bring them straight to
Paypal to pay you the amount you have chosen for this item.
That’s it! You’re finished!
Note: I realize this may be confusing. If you are in need of assistance, there are plenty
of youtube videos and instructions on the web if you feel the need for more tutorials.

Why would people even buy from me in the first place?
Having a very good freebie product is essential to your success. If your subscribers
enjoy your free product, what’s going to stop them from buying your other products?
If your freebie is trash, why would they buy anything from you?
Do you suggest that I make products or get MRR/PLR products?
It would be in your best interest to make your own products. MRR and PLR products
can also be profitable, and if you’re in a hurry, using one of those is perfectly fine. I
would highly recommend to rebrand the products first; like change the titles, get new
ebook covers, and add in more content if necessary.
Will I ever need to change my freebie?
No, your freebie will always be the same. You will only be getting subscribers through
this freebie. If you ever feel like your freebie isn’t good enough or you want to change it,
you may do so if you wish.
Any last tips of advice?
I must say, have a strong follow up sequence. I think I emphasized the importance of a
great giveaway enough, so now I must show how strong a follow up sequence of emails
can be. Build a relationship with your subscribers. Make them trust you. If they trust you,
they’ll trust your products, and in turn, buy them. Build that relationship, it is the most
important thing you can do, despite whatever else I may have ever said is the most

Closing Words
I cannot thank you enough for taking your time to read this eBook. This is a golden
opportunity and you are very smart to take the offer at hand! Thank you for investing
into this book and I hope it will bring you as much success as it has brought me, if not
I have stressed the important of many things throughout this guide, and I will continue to
do so for as long as I am an Internet marketer.
Do not wait to start this process. Start immediately. You don’t want your motivation
for success to fade away, so get started immediately!
As mentioned many times throughout, if you are having difficulties, do feel free to
contact me via email.
Once again, thank you, and take action now!

To Your Success,
Scott Lichau
My Blog: imreviewvault.com
Take Action & Create Your Own Journey To Success



Squeeze Page Templates

http://squeezepagecity.com – Free squeeze page
http://squeezepagescreator.com – Free squeeze page
http://flexsqueeze.com – Premium squeeze page
http://ultraimpack.com – Premium squeeze page list
http://premiumsqueezepagetemplates.com – Premium squeeze page list
Other Valuable List Building Resources

http://newjvgiveaways.com – Joint venture opportunities
http://soloaddirectory.com – A great place to search for solo ads
http://warriorforum.com – It’s a must; just check it out
http://www.freelancer.com – Need someone to write your eBook?
http://www.iwriter.com – Another fantastic place to find great & cheap writers

How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

How to use the internet to get more purchasers for your business What’s up everyone? This is Stefan from projectlifemastery.com and in this chapter of Ask Stefan, I’ve got a great question from Moss Bresnahan, and the wonder is; Hey Stefan, I’ve been trying to get patrons for my new auctions video business. Any shows? All right, so getting more purchasers, more our customers and implement the internet is actually fairly simple. First of all, you need an internet site and on that website there is a requirement have your produce, your service, whatever it is that you are offering, and a direction for the person that goes to the website to sign up for that. Some species of call to activity. Whether that’s a way for them to pay, or to sign up for a consultation, or whatever it is that’s going to work best for you.

Now that website, when people get to it, you have to make sure that website converts. Meaning that when parties call the website it should be in a position to convert a guest into a purchaser. There’s a whole lot of stuff involved in terms of optimizing your website, preparing sure that it has a good auctions imitation, has tributes, it has good information about the produce, it has all the benefits, the features. All those things are going to play a role in how well your present converts. Likewise preparing sure that you’ve got a good cost detail, you’ve got a good call to action. Something that incentives the person in some way to want to actually buy your commodities, work, or sign up for whatever it is that you are offering.

Making sure that your website converts is something that doesn’t have just like that. Commonly what happens is you send congestion to your website, which I’ll share some different methods for that in this video, but you send congestion to it. Formerly you send congestion to it, you’re going to see what your changeover pace is. So where individuals go to your website you’re going to see, out of one hundred people maybe one person signalings up for your product or service. Or maybe five people do or ten people do. In which suit it has a ten percent changeover pace or a five percent.

You actually need to make sure that you know the numbers. One of the most effective way to line that is by installing Google analytics onto your website and that will show you a lot of the data of your website and where people are coming from, and you are also able to track your changeover paces and all that sort of trash ok. So you’re ever going to improve your website. You’re always going to experiment different things and the littlest everything is construction the world of gap. Researching your cost, researching your present, researching graphics, colours, font lengths, headlines. All of these things are things that you are able to experiment. Simply by making these small-scale progress, you’ll be able to prove your changeover pace. The other bit that are necessary is congestion. Not merely any form of congestion, but targeted congestion because you can send a ton of parties to your website, but what good is it sending parties to your website if they’re not targeted, if they’re not somewhat interested or have an interest in whatever it is that you are selling.

You want to make sure that you are sending targeted visitors. There’s so many different ways on online market to be able to send congestion to your website. Everything from Facebook, whether that’s building a Facebook fan page and using some organic procedures. You’ll get more devotees and be able to promote your website, your produce, your service to your devotees and Or maybe using Facebook ads through newspaper clink advertising. With Facebook ads you are able to target parties based on the best interest, based on certain things about them, their demographic.

It could actually allow you to get actually laser targeted parties to your website that they are able actually convert best available for you. You could use Google, the search engine. You could have a blog and made content that are linked to your produce, your industry, or your service and then attract parties to you merely from parties that are scouring in the search engine. Formerly parties come to your website they’re already targeted because they came to your website by first expending some species of your material first. Search engine optimization is potent for that intellect. Instead you could use Google ads. Google has their advertising platforms called Google AdWords. You can compensate Google and optimize optimize your advertisements for certain key words and and then again send targeted congestion to your website that direction. There’s YouTube, which is what I experience exploiting and rendering material. When you provision content for the peoples of the territories in the way that I’m doing right now on YouTube, and you help people, and you put up videos that are related to your product or service, then when people find it they are already going a appreciation for you, for your produce, for your service, and what you’re about.

It’s going to help elevate the rely level. It’s going to obligate them want to do business for you because they are going to rely you more as opposed to someone that they don’t really know such person or persons, they can’t get a feel for them online. YouTube is a potent direction of captivating parties and then funneling them in to whatever your produce or service is and send them to your website. Exploiting Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Bing Ads, Yahoo, LinkedIn, there’s so many different platforms, Pinterest. There’s so many different ways of captivating parties and then sending them to your website.

Once you have your website put in, what I have to recommend for parties is to pick one or two methods first. End that you are going to commit to SEO and you’re going to build a blog and master that. In which suit, find different directions, sources, and invest a lot of meter actually understanding SEO and implement a strategy over the long expression that could help allure visitors and funnels them in to your website. If it’s YouTube, then invest some time work now. Perhaps you find a goof YouTube course. Invest in it. Get really good at it. You don’t want to try to do everything and merely dabble. You will do a good or median job at everything. You want to pick one or two things and become really good and skilled at it and drive consistent congestion to your website. Then over meter, once you’ve mastered that, you are able to start a different way of driving congestion to your website and merely gradually build that.

So we are going to send congestion to your website, either paying for it or going some fleet congestion through Google, YouTube, social media. Formerly you get congestion to your website you are going to see exactly how people alter. You are going to see whether or not they are interested in your produce. If your produce actually gratifies the demand of the market. Whether or not it’s altering in any way.